With 25+ Years of Experience in the Trading Field and with the Prolonged relations in the industry they established name in market. The Management of the Company is young, dynamic and always on thrust of walking with the time. Hence since the date of inception they have continuously made search and able to succeed in short span of time. Today the strategy of the firm is to supply the materials to the bulk and to directly to the customers which is possible because of company’s very extensive contacts and prolonged good relations with the direct customers.

The Promoter’s strong financial support enables the company  to buy materials with large discounts and compete in the market with its competitors.

The company has warehousing and sales depot facilities made available both in and out of Mumbai which makes them possible to give excellent and timely services to the customers, e.g. instant delivery of goods etc..


The Company has professional sales team, experienced in marketing as well as in the technicalities of products and paper industry as a whole.

The Company now supplies its products not only to Customers of Mumbai but all over Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. This growth in the business is the result of management’s strategic Planning, experience and business acumen.

Overall the management’s strategy always have been to look ahead of time, which has been proved right and that has made possible for the company to achieve good success in a short span of time.